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AFI research collection
Reference Type newspaper
Title Double Exposure
Author(s)Chris Beck
Section A2
Town uknown
State Unknown
Country Unknown
Publication Date 11-02-2006
Citation Date
Page Number 11
Comments This article is written in an anecdotal tone that is reflective of the interview process from which it derives. It provides some histroical information in relation to the progression of the Independant film industry in Australia through the information given on broadcasting during the Menzies Era in comparison to todays standards. It also Depicts Hughes personal theories and attitudes towards filmmaking by alluding to his success despite not having formal (institutionalised) training. This is valuable in creating an optimistic understanding that alternative methods of filmaking are available to independnt directors within the Australian Industry, but does not specificly define what these methods are. (Monica.C)
Synopsis John Hughes discusses the release of his work 'The Archive Project' and the Melbourne Realist film Movement as the subject matter for this film. He Praises the Notion of Film conservation, freedom of speech and social justice, which are common reccuring themes throughout his creations, to which he categorizes into films of "advocacy". He recalls his training in a community atmosphere as a point of contrast to a formal, institutionalised environment, and explains how this has influenced his methods of manipulation of representations and images. Through this, he indicates that these factors have been the catalyst for his choice to construct films that derive from historical and sociological themes, in order to adress polictical issues. In the conclusion, Screening Information for 'The Archive Project' is provided. (Monica.C)
tags: ACMI Advocacy Films Alternative Community  Countercuture Documentary Film Conservation Independant Film Culture Melbourne Realist Movement Menzies Menzies Government Political Censorship Representation Signification Social Justice The Archive Project 
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