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Title At The Movies - Lucky Miles Interview (Video)
Chapter/Web article title Margaret Pomeranz speaks with Writer/Director, Michael James Rowland.
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 11-07-2007
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Comments A video interview conducted by film critic Margaret Pomeranz, star of ABC show 'At The Movies', in which she talks with Writer/Director Michael James Rowland about his film Lucky Miles. With a running time of roughly 25 minutes, it is a great insight into the inspirations behind the film and a way to see the Director/Writer discuss his thoughts on his own film. The interview is useful to fans of the film wanting to learn more about the unusual comedic approach of the film in the way that it deals with the sensitive issue of refugees. It is the best available resource that shows Michael James Rowland talking in depth about his film with a respected film critic, and it is probably the most reliable source to find information about the inspiration for the film as we actually see the Director responding to questions, giving a greater insight that would not be as effective in a written interview.

Some of the topics of discussion included in the interview are, the reasons behind the comedic approach taken to such a serious issue, the inspiration for the story, the reason behind the choice to follow a range of different characters, the approach to hiring both cast and crew, and the creative risks taken with the film. The interview as a whole is an extremely useful insight to the thoughts of Rowland and his reasons for making the film, and would appeal to both fans of the film as well as those who were looking for an interesting discussion about the issues on display and the process of making an Australian film.

Synopsis Margaret Pomeranz, film critic from television show At the Movies, talks with Writer/Director Michael James Rowland about his film, Lucky Miles. They discuss inspiration for the film as well as the themes and issues explored in Lucky Miles. The Interview can also be found as a special feature on the DVD release of the film from Madman Films.
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