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Reference Type newspaper
Title BMX Bandits set to steal audiences around the world
Author(s)Tim Allerton
State NSW
Country Australia
Publication Date 02-01-1984
Citation Date
Page Number 49
Comments In it's factual delivery, this article focuses on the overall success and potential market over seas for the Australian film, BMX Bandits. With it's target audience being viewers who have already seen the film, the article delves into the overall distribution of the Aussie hit, and the potential it has now that's it's been picked up by the Rank company in the UK and the Gaumont Company in France. This article is a clear indicator of the reception BMX Bandits was receiving during it's release and is a credible source of the cultural response at the time. There's also an interesting section devoted to the overall marketing ploy behind the film, indicating the strong BMX eye candy throughout and it's release being rushed to aline with the school holidays. There's also a small mention about the producers of the film future endeavors seeing as their current baby is doing so well and home and should be a hit overseas.
Synopsis The article highlights the overall success of BMX Bandits on its home sores, and the potential it has to do well in an international market.
tags: BMX Bandits Film Distribution  Gaumont Rank 
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