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Reference Type The Age newspaper
Title Bandits set for success
Author(s)Anna Murdoch
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 22-12-1983
Citation Date
Page Number 40
Comments This overly excited piece highlights the predicted success of the Australian film BMX Bandits. Intended for readers who would be some-what interested in the mentioned film, and eager to see where it will be screened and what expectations to be holding. The piece lingers on the films association with the British distribution company, Rank, being the first Australian film to be pick up by the company. The writer makes subtle comparisons with the quality of BMX Bandits, putting it up against other films such as Storm Boy and Breaker Morant, which were discarded by the Rank company months ago, refusing to distribute them. One would think this suggests BMX Bandits is a higher grade of film than the others, but Rank make it quite clear they simply interested in making money, and that's what BMX Bandits is predicted to do. The article infers this is primarily due to the underlying selling point of the film, the BMX bikes. With some snappy statistics accompanied by pithy writing, it's clear that the film appears only to be an elongated and exaggerated BMX advertisement, hence why Rank has decided to help distribute it over seas.
Synopsis This article revolves around the reasons behind Rank deciding to distribute BMX Bandits overseas.
tags: BMX Bandits Film Distribution  Gaumont international Film Distribution  Rank 
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