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Reference Type Australian Financial Review newspaper
Title Licence seeker starts work on local films
Author(s)Greg Bright
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 22-04-1983
Citation Date
Page Number 20
Comments This article focuses highly on the Australian governments preposed film tax concession, specifically, whether or not they intend to go ahead with it. Written for those who could potentially have vested interest in such a legislation, particularly people who could benefit from such a concession. Suggested forms of new media, create excellent points of interest throughout the piece, highlighting ones such as RSTV (Radiated Subscription Television), which the article then focuses on in more depth later in the piece. Overall the piece is very logical with a huge chuck devoted to the business and financial benefits that these new legislations cloud provide. It's clear the underlining theme of this piece is the eventual benefits to film productions in Australia, and to those who decide to invest in them, probably why the article was published in the Australian Financial Review.
Synopsis The Article predominantly concentrates on the Nilsen Premiere company, who are vying for an RSTV by producing their first film, BMX Bandits. The article also focuses on other companies tying to achieve the same thing, the Australian Governments role in this issue and the financial benefits of the RSTV.
tags: BMX Bandits Film tax concession  Nilsen Premiere RSTV 
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