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Reference Type book
Title Film Directing Fundamentals See Your film Before Shooting
Author(s)Nicholas T.
State Unknown
Country USA
Publication Date 17-07-2008
Citation Date
Comments I read through this book and then watched Bastardy a couple more times. I realized the main themes of loneliness and honesty would not be as prominent if Wilson didn’t diligently plan the movie out.

“Film is a language used to tell stories, and the narrator of those stories is the camera. There are six variables a director can control with the camera: angle, image size, motion, depth of field, focus, and speed.” (36) (E.J.H)

Synopsis In Profere’s book, he provides clear methods to helping future directors. The book uses understandable terms and diagrams instead of technical terms. Profere’s book is focused on getting the audience emotionally invested. He describes how this adds a new level of drama. The book gives an analysis of three popular movies done by famous directors. The book takes these movies and goes through shot by shot what works effectively. The amount of effort put into each scene is what makes each of the films special. Also, he describes how being an artist and director are the same thing. He provides a step by step methodology which is very useful and understandable. Profere was a professor at Columbia University so he does a great job of describing the craft of narrative storytelling. Profere’s book just stresses the importance that all audiences want to be engaged in a cinematic story. (E.J.H)
tags: focus of camera image size representation  speed of camera  
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