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Reference Type newspaper
Title UK releases for local Bandits
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 31-12-1983
Citation Date
Page Number 19
Comments Written for those with added interest in the film industry, especially those fond of the Australian market who want to see it shine and prosper. The ideas presented in this article revolve around the potential distribution avenues for the film, 'BMX Bandits'. The central point of interest in this article is the mention of the British Distribution company, Rank. Whose managing director, Mr Fred Turner said, "BMX Bandits is the first Australian picture RFD has acquired," claiming it was a film of quality. As well as having "tremendous appeal to children and teenagers, the film will, in turn, prove entertaining for adults." Which is a fair assumption for someone in his position to make. The film was always catering for a younger audience and that's where all the marketing will be directed. The article also points out the Rank company will be forking out a rather large 300,000 thousand on marketing in London alone. The underlining theme in this piece is marketing, whose the film for? Why? And how they going to propagate awareness of the film.
Synopsis The article focuses on the potential distribution of BMX Bandits, accompanied by a credible source form the Rank compony advocating the films quality. There's also a brief synopsis of the film as well as a slight mention of the film be distributed around other countries in Europe.
tags: Australia breaching international film market  BMX Bandits  Film Distribution  Mr Fred Turner  Rank 
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