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AFI research collection
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Title Television in Australia
State NSW
Country Australia
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Comments This information explained when television was introduced in Australia in 1956. And television became primary sources of entertainment after it introduced and it changed way of Australian spent their leisure time. Australian spent their leisure time at home rather than going out or going cinema after television introduced. This phenomenon decreased number of attendance of cinema that the cinema industry faced threat. Prior to tv, important domestic and international news were screened at the cinema before movie start. However, advent of tv forced cinema to scrap the newsreels, as tv offered a more immediate news service free of charge. During 1970s to 1980s that the colour tv and VCRs drew people away from the cinema. With advent of internet and DVD, many people believed that the end for the cinema night however , cinema industry experienced a worldwide upsurge of interest. The new multiplex cinema was introduced and complexes featured large screen, surround sounds, large screens and crystal clear pictures. This reference shows how the television introduced influenced on cinema industry from mid 1900s to late 1900s.

The advent of television, reduced number of attendance of cinema but the Cinema North Reservoir withstood this situation by convert to cinemascope environment and they remained as popular cinema in the northern suburb. However, advent of multiplex cinema reduced number of attendace.

This information focuses on how the introduction of television impact on Australian society.
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