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Title e melbourne-the city past and present:Cinema
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2008
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Comments This section of website focuses on how the cinema industry has been changed during 1900’s and it described how the people’s entertainment changed over a time. The article described that the cinema was popular choice from audience for their entertainment during early 1900’s. Many of cinemas emerged in the Melbourne but the actual cinema venues were only established after 1907. And Melbourne’s first purpose built cinema was opened at 1909 at Sturt Street, City Road, South Melbourne.

However, introduction of television in Australia had a devastating impact on Melbourne’s cinema. It described that the attendances fell by 52% in less than three years and many of cinema were demolished and disused cinemas were reused as factories or wear houses. Also people enjoyed newly introduced sports such as squash and bowling. The cinema chain attract its audience in the different way that they introduced wide screen formats like cinemascope or Cinerama.

While Cinema North Reservoir remained popular, the surrounding area and cinemas nearby closed down due to the introduction of television and drive-in cinema. Many of people enjoy television program instead of going cinema. Those technologies development affect on the cinema industry. However, Cinema North Reservoir remained popular with wide screen formats of cinemascope.

Synopsis It provides cinema value in Melbourne during 1900’s.
tags: introduction of television in australia Melbourne Cinema past and present cinema 
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