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AFI research collection
Reference Type journal
Title Reservoir palais/plaza/cinema north
Issue 8
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1995
Citation Date
Page Number 2
Comments It provides much information regards Cinema North Reservoir include its history, ownership, architecture development and other important issue.

Cinema North Reservoir officially opended in 1943, A Harwood took a control of name with Plaza. And during 1968, the control had pass through Victoria theatre to Village Drive-ins and was called cinema north. It changed its name to the ‘Oriental’ in 1981 and main auditorium had been renamed as ‘The merion’. Under village banner, it called ‘Cinema North Centre’ and ‘Village Reservoir’. This information helps to understand its history and ownership in the Cinema North Reservoir. Furthermore, it described architecture development, it starts seats with 540 in 1946 and cinema became bigger with 892 seats in 1956. Also Cinema North Reservoir described as first built with cinema scope presentation mind. The cinematic environment satisfies their customers and it makes Cinema North Reservoir remained popular. The sentence ‘first built with cinemascope presentation’ gives clue that the cinema environment was better than cinemas that were located in the Northern suburb. Also article explained that the theatre did very well in school holiday periods and sometime manager placed the house-full sign on front of a queue that went a block along High St. All those information support the question of “What were the circumstances of surrounding while Cinema North Reservoir remained popular”.

Synopsis It provides information regards Cinema North Reservoir such as history, ownership and important issue.
tags: cinema north reservoir Cinema Record history of cinema north reservoir northern suburb cinema 
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