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Reference Type The Herald newspaper
Title The Herald's Cinema Screenings
Author(s)Author Unknown
Section Movie Screening Times
Town Unknown
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1984
Citation Date
Page Number Unknown
Comments Every week a new cinema screening would come out. The Herald would publish them. Unfortunately CATHS was able to find some of these adverts. It helps the reader see how different cinema screenings are now. Back when the Metro Twin was open, the cinema screenings ad page may have been in black and white but they had many more pictures than say the ads do nowadays. This was very helpful for cinema goers because they could see an ad of the movie they wanted to see.

The fortunate thing about getting these ads is knowing what it would have been like for people to go to the Metro Twin and how they found out about the movies they wanted to see. It makes you feel like you can go back in time and look at the ad and think, what movie would I like to see? (Caroline Beaney)
Synopsis The Herald's weekly Cinema Screenings. (Caroline Beaney)
tags: Cinema Screenings Metro Twin The Herald Village Cinemas 
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