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AFI research collection
Reference Type journal
Title Cinema Record
Author(s)Alan Windley
Issue 6
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-02-1995
Citation Date
Page Number 26
Comments The Cinema and Theatre Historical Society (CATHS) have a vast collection of archival records that maintain cinema and theatre heritage. They put out a quarterly magazine containing the latest cinema record itself. Within this record one can expect to find all things pertaining to cinema, from information about cinema of the past through to multiplexes of the present.

Records date back to over two decades ago and filled with informative pieces put together by a variety of authors.

In Cinema Record Issue 6 a short but useful piece speaks of the Empire Theatre in Brunswick.

It notes the Empire’s thriving earlier days and provides information regarding the exciting environment in which it ran,

“In it’s days as a silent picture theatre, the Empire had a resident orchestra and on stage lavish shows featuring topline artists…” p.26.

Windley then goes on to speak of the many change of hands the Empire underwent and noting its fall to the mighty impact of television.

Finally the record then speaks of the rejuvenation the Empire had when the migrant community were the centre of the theatres attention, with a Greek run company taking over.

This particular piece on the Empire is only a few paragraphs long but is detailed as noted above. It is the only mention, however, of the Empire Theatre in Brunswick in any of CATHS records.

This is perhaps its downfall, given that society prides itself on being all things cinema and theatre, the only mention, of this once grandeur theatre, known for being the heart and soul of the Brunswick community; is miniscule and rather difficult to get a hold of. Unless one is going out of their way to seek this particular minute piece of information, you may never see or hear of it in any of the Cinema Records.

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