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Reference Type book
Title Australian Cinema: Industry, Narrative and Meaning
Author(s)John Tulloch
Town North Sydney
State NSW
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1982
Citation Date
Comments This will be focused on the relationship between a cinematic flow of Australia and America especially in 1960s which is the year the film ‘The Sundowners’ was released. First, it could be described the film industry as monopoly of America production around 1920s~1930s due to economical, social and industrial circumstance. For example, according to Tulloch, Australia was importing over 90 percent of films from the United States. Other countries such as British and Europe were also dominated by U.S media influences. There were some Australian film producers who made various attempts to penetrate the U.S film market with their films but it was failed. In 1960s, there was still no change for Australian film industry. Although Australian films of 1960s tried to depict the changing face of Australian society, it was still hard to compare with films of America production. In this regard, it could be argued that it was practically monopoly of America related to the film industry in 1960s and the reason was some economical, governmental and social circumstance at the moment. Therefore, the comparison of the film industry in the past between Australia and America is important to examine what the director of ‘The Sundowners’ would want to imply and how audiences react considering the reflection of society.
Synopsis This book discusses the history and background of Australian cinema area using textual, industrial and cultural meaning.
tags: American Film Market Film Industry Monopoly The Sundowners 
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