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Reference Type The Australian newspaper
Title advertisers escape to the movies, too
Author(s)Lara Sinclair
Section News
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 09-03-2009
Citation Date
Page Number 34
Comments Advertising in cinema Australia
Synopsis This text is intended for highly educated men and women who understand, work and or own shares in the stock market. Also for anyone who updates their news supply from reading The Australian newspaper. The information in this text could be used in understanding the growth in cinema advertising and how it is related to box office sales. It is important to understand the link between box office sales and cinema advertising because it is the reason why Val Morgan Cinema Network is such a successful company. Val Morgan has taken high risk and has developed new ways to advertise at the cinema with new technology, i.e. digital screens.

The article offers a useful update on Val Morgan business by mentioning the growth figure of cinema advertising. This information is highly relevant to Val Morgan because Val Morgan sells advertising on most of the 1600 cinema screen in Australia.

This article is a well-researched and logical article as it uses accurate sources such as Graeme Yarwood (CEO of Val Morgan). However it does have some figures that are quite high in terms of increase growth, though the author does use Mr. Yarwood quote, which he mentions ‘it was above 20 percent’ (not the 44 percent which was mentioned). The author also writes the article with a knowledgeable tone that suggests that she had some understanding in what she had written. This suggests that either the author did an excellent job in researching the topic area or that she has business and economic background knowledge behind her.

The underlying theme of the article is the growth in cinema advertising and how it is out performing every other advertising medium except Internet advertising, which grew at the same rate as cinema advertising. The article also focuses a lot on Val Morgan Cinema Network and linking it to Val Morgan’s new company Val Morgan Retail Media, this suggest that it too will be the next advertising medium that will be on the rise to success in the near future. (Brooke-Marie)

tags: Graeme Yarwood Val Morgan Cinema Network Valentine Morgan (Val) 
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