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Reference Type The Age newspaper
Title Pearl and Dean crashes out of cinema ads
Author(s)Jane Schulze
Section Entertainment
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 27-02-1999
Citation Date
Page Number 3
Comments Advertising in cinemas
Synopsis This article is targeted at educated men and women who take an interest in the entertainment and business world. The article discusses who has won the contract for Greater Union cinemas advertising rights. The information from the text could be used for research into Val Morgan’s cinema advertising business, and or in understanding how Pearl and Dean group dropped out of the Australian cinema-advertising medium. The article is also useful in understanding how much cinema-advertising medium is worth and how and why are their not as many competitors in this medium in 1999 (because most companies cannot afford the high price contracts, like Greater Union contract). The author uses an emotional tone towards the subject (Pearl and Dean), especially when it mentions how Pearl and Dean are feeling very sad for themselves.

The text is additionally important as it informs you on how Val Morgan is looked at in the eyes of it competitors i.e. Pearl and Dean. The article talks about the extra millions that Val Morgan paid compared to it competitors, and this information gives a negative feel to Val Morgan as it suggest that Val Morgan played dirty so he could guarantee the contract, however if Val Morgan was playing dirty for the contact, the only who will lose if it didn’t work out would be Val Morgan business as it was the one who put in the extra money to get the contact. This then also suggests that Val Morgan took a business risk and will hopefully see the rewards in the risk that it took.

The text also provides a useful update on how Pearl and Dean group felt about losing the contract that they had for 17 years straight and how Val Morgan now have more then 60 percent of the market share of Australian cinema advertising, giving them the dominance. The article also mentions how MEG was favourite to win the contract, however they ended up suffering by not winning the contact and then plummeting from 12 cents to 50 cents in the shares.

The article shows a bias attitude towards Val Morgan, especially when it mentions how Val Morgan paid well more then it competitors, suggesting that it was not a fair play, to support this view the author of the text includes a few quotes from the managing director of Pearl and Dean ‘we don’t bid to lose money’. However the author did also include a few words from Val Morgan’s chief executive ‘that information is sour grapes’ (paying 25 million more then the competitors). Overall the article was a very informative piece on who won the Greater Union cinema advertising rights, it did this by using assumptions and theories to support its view. (Brooke-Marie)

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