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Reference Type book
Title Cinemas of Australia Via USA- Victory
Author(s)Ross Thorne
Town Sydney
State NSW
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1981
Citation Date
Comments This chapter of the book, "Victory" in Cinemas of Australia via USA is valuable in the sense that it focuses mainly on the architecture of the theatre itself. The chapter is quite small but includes some interesting information about how much of the original 1921 and 1928 designs have actually been preserved. The article also raises that exact question as to much is actually preserved. This article would be appealing to people who are interested in the architecture especially old and unique architecture. This target is reached due to the interesting point of view from the author and also newspaper clippings from The Argus focusing on the opening night, "New Picture Theatre at St.Kilda" (The Argus, April 19, 1921, p.8) and "The Pictures" (The Argus, April 21, 1921, p.8), and after the alterations were made, "Victory Theatre" (The Argus, March 20, 1928). These articles essentially focus on the architecture of the building itself and how ahead of its time it was which could be quite useful in getting the perspective of what people thought of such a big building back in its time. There is hardly any information on the National theatre or the major alterations that were made in the 60’s and 70's and hardly any mention of the actual history of the venue itself. While architecturally speaking, it is a nice little read with bits of usable information, someone wanting to find out lots of information about the theatre would have to go somewhere else as this article mainly is not entirely substantial to the progression of the theatre. There is also no mention of films that were played here and people involved. The article also only credits Cedric Ballantyne as the architect even though he was the second architect involved with the building. (M. Stratus)
Synopsis The chapter describes the designs and some of the changes that were made to the Victory Theatre citing different article clippings from "The Argus" with two coming just after opening night in 1921 and one coming after the major refurbishments in 1928. (M. Stratus)
tags: architecture  National Theatre  The Argus Victory Theatre  
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