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AFI research collection
Reference Type Unknown
Title Cinema Record Issue #4
Chapter/Web article title 18. The Victory/National Theatre
Author(s)Peter Fogarty
Issue 4
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-08-1994
Citation Date
Page Number 9-13
Comments This article is amongst many other well written cinema/theatre based articles within the book and is written by historian Peter Fogarty who has proved him self as quite knowledgeable in the area of theatres and cinemas. Most information on the Victory tends to focus on the transition to the National Theatre as it is fascinating story and this article does no different but comes from a different perspective. The fact that it is small article written by Fogarty is extremely helpful and instantly credible. As the book is mainly a summary about most theatres, the article on the Victory/National also runs quickly through the history and the redevelopments of the theatre to where it is today. It is quite useful as it has a lot of information in such a small space. The article is targeted mainly at people whom are interested in the theatre and want to know about the history of it. The content is mainly made up why the theatre was built, the locality of it, all the major changes that occurred, the major players involved with the changes including F.W Thring from Hoyts and Gertrude Johnston from the National Theatre Movement. There are also references made to it’s current usage and how there are still films there today. The article is informative, easy to understand and reflects well on the rich historic venue that is the Victory/National Theatre. (M Stratus)
Synopsis The article mainly focuses on the history of the building marking the 20th anniversary of the 1974 opening of the National Theatre. It is written as a biographical style pointing out the major events that occurred during its progression. (M.Stratus)
tags: Frank Thring Gertrude Johnston Hoyts  Peter Fogarty Theatre Victory Theatre  
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