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AFI research collection
Reference Type Cinema Record journal
Title The Regent Gardiner'
Chapter/Web article title Cinema and Theatre Historical Society Victoria
Author(s)Ian Smith
Volume 37
Issue 3
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2002
Citation Date
Page Number 16-21
Comments This article is vital in understanding the background of history of the Regent Gardiner. It is one of but a few texts that describe the history. Most of the rest of its history needs to be pieced together through various news articles and snippets in other books.

By outlining the history first as a member of the Great Regent Franchise and then as a Hoyt theater it displays the importance of the theater. It was initially built to be a member of the great Regent Theaters such as the one in the CBD, to function not only as film centers, but also to be cultural and communal magnets in their respective communities. These theatres were not simply meant for film showings but they also had the intention of functioning as a community gathering point. This article discusses the intent of the theater’s owners in its creation to be a successful hub for the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

It is written from a third party who is motivated by factual and historical accuracy and therefore can be trusted as a highly reputable source. As the author suggests there was a lot of history about this theater lost and he attempts to compile the best together in this piece. Due to is academic research style; the audience of the piece is those who have interest in film venue history and the film industry of Melbourne in particular. However, it does not approach the topic from a particular theoretical view like academic work, and instead focuses on providing a clear picture of the Regent Gardiner and its importance.

Synopsis This is the most extensive written piece of the theater's history. It includes a photograph as well circa 1930. It describes the theaters itself ( location, seating, screens, films shown) as well as talks a bit about its involvement with the community.
tags: Gardiner Hoyts Theatre Ltd Regent Theater Franchise Suburban Circuit 
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