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Reference Type web
Title LEAVING HOME (continued)
Author(s)Larry Pickering
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-04-2012
Citation Date
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Comments This text is targeted at people who are fans of Larry Pickering’s work. This journal could be used for a more personal view on the Crystal Palace Theatre in Caulfield, as it depicts an individual experience at the theatre.

This text is important in developing an identity of the Crystal Palace Theatre. Mr. Pickering shares a story of how he cycled to the theatre by himself and saw the movie “King Solomon’s Mines”(which also adds to the movies screened). Mr. Pickering’s writing is portrayed as innocent and depicts a time when everything was slow. He expresses his opinion of the movie and the people in it, and how it was a “new Technicolor thing”. This personal story describes a time when people would go to the theatre to escape, relax and be by themselves, and this text suggests, the Crystal Palace Theatre made it possible for people to do that. This could be contrasted to today’s movie theatres, where Gold Class and Directors Suites exist. No longer do people go to the movies, just to see and experience a movie. Now an entire industry exists to make the experience even better, with food and comfort, which could be taking away the simplicity of seeing a film.

This piece is not factual, merely a reflection of his time at the Crystal Palace Theatre. It allows readers to interpret what they want from the journal.

tags: Directors Suite Gold Class identity  Technicolor  
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