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AFI research collection
Reference Type Cinema Record journal
Title Sun Theatre - Yarraville
Author(s)Rod Cook
Issue 10
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-10-1995
Citation Date
Page Number 7-10
Comments As this article is found in Cinema Record, a publication of the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society (CATHS) of Victoria, it may be assumed that the intended audience would primarily be those linked to CATHS. This piece would also be of interest to historians, architects, and perhaps patrons of The Sun interested in the cinema’s history.

There are many entertaining facts included in this article, which provide an insight into the time The Sun Theatre was built. It also makes it an enjoyable read, unlike many other historical pieces written on The Sun, this article is far from tiresome. Taking into account the image of the floor plans provided, (not original depictions but much easier to understand) this may be of use to architects, designers or historians.

The value of this article lies in the facts it provides about how the cinema was navigated, the opening night of The Sun, the operation and popularity of The Sun after the introduction of television, as well as the many resales, owners and purposes of The Sun over its lifespan. This is a rare article as it was written after the sale of The Sun to Michael Smith, yet prior to the restoration of the cinema.

The article includes an artistic depiction of the façade of the sun, a computerised version of the original floor plans, and two photographs; one of the original interior of the auditorium and one of the neglected façade in 1993. None of the images include references, and only one reference is cited at the beginning of the article, but much of the content aligns with other information on The Sun. (Jessica Meli)

Synopsis This is a very informative article by Rod Cook, found in Cinema Record a publication of Cinema and Theatre Historical Society Victoria. This piece details the history of The Sun Theatre, providing an in depth look at the architecture, interior, owners and use. Interesting facts on the opening night are divulged, as well as the cost of the original build and the many sales of The Sun. Written in 1995, after the recent purchase of The Sun Theatre by current owner Michael Smith, the article concludes positively with plans of a restoration project of the building. (Jessica Meli)
tags: architecture  CATHS floor plan Michael Smith restoration The Sun Theatre vandalism Yarraville 
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