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Reference Type newspaper
Title Herald Sun
Section Hit
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 19-07-2007
Citation Date
Page Number 10
Comments This article is written by Claire Sutherland, discussing the film 'Lucky Miles' with its writer/director Michael James Rowland. As this piece was published in the Herald Sun, it was originally intended for the general public as a means to advertise the release of the film and generate interest with the general public. It is useful as in the article Rowland discusses how he came to get the film produced and managed to attain funding, as well as finding a capable cast and crew.

It is a valuable article as Rowland tells first hand his experience in trying to attain funding for the project, and he explains how it took almost eight years to bring his script to life. The article is helpful in demonstrating how the film came to be made, as well as showing the filmmaker talking about his favourite parts of the production.

As this article comes from a well respected publication, and involves a direct interview with the writer/director of the project it would appear to be a very valuable and useful resource to anyone looking to find out information about the production of the film, and it also gives an insight into the type of advertising and awareness that was being used to market the film upon its release.

Synopsis An article from the Herald Sun in which Michael James Rowland, the writer/director of 'Lucky Miles' discusses the challenges faced in bringing his vision to life. The article covers topics such as finding investors and working with actors.
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