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Reference Type newspaper
Title Val Morgan sneaks ads into previews
Author(s)Jane Schulze
Section Business News
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 03-04-2003
Citation Date
Page Number 31
Comments Person mentioned isn't working so I will put it in here: Graeme Yarwood- Chief executive at Val Morgan 2003
Synopsis The targeted audience for this articles is well-educated men and women who read the Australian and who are interested in business news. This article is useful in understanding how Val Morgan chief executives had to try and revolutionize the business through boosting film advertising by 50 percent by the end of the year, so it can earn more profits and become the leading Australian cinema advertising company.

This article is important in understanding the challenges that Val Morgan have faced and how Val Morgan have overcome its hurdles to now been Australia’s leading cinema advertising company. This article also updates its readers on how Val Morgan is going to improve exposure for cinema ads, which will boost film advertising, plus it also updates its readers on how much cinema reaps a year in advertising. The figure is double the amount it was 20 years ago. The article also reports that a new chief executive is in charge, which implies that new ideas will be explored to push the company to higher limits.

The author has written a well-researched article, gathering information from other articles and putting together a logical argument and using sources that are closer to Val Morgan business, such as the new chief executive. Using sources such as the chief executive boost the reliability of the article, gaining respect from the readers/targeted audiences.

The text is influenced by the theory that while linked to TMS (Television and Media Service), Val Morgan lacked audiences’ measurement that prevented advertisers from using cinemas and that TMS’ current troubles were Val Morgan’s expensive contracts with the cinemas. However the author’s counter argument to this theory was from the chief executive of Val Morgan (Graeme Yarwood) who said that ‘the new changes were unrelated to the need to recoup the funds Val Morgan had lost when with TMS’.

Overall the text is a well-written, informative piece, which gives readers knowledge on how Val Morgan continues to try new measures to boost cinema advertising. (Brooke-Marie)

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