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AFI research collection
Reference Type Unknown
Title Big-screen challenge is on
Chapter/Web article title Business Review Weekly
Section Marketing
Issue March 19-25
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 25-03-1983
Citation Date
Page Number 31
Comments The text also mentions that in 1983 cinema ad-time could not breach past 15 minutes.

Val Morgan has a fight on his hands as the British-owned David Koffel group vies for the cinema advertising dollar.

A Val Morgan ad slide: Cinema advertising is all about the young and their material aspirations.

Synopsis This text was an interesting piece of writing because it gave out some useful information regarding Val C Morgan most challengeable aspect of running a cinema advertising company. The review informs its readers that Val Morgan himself is no longer the chairman of the company, and that it is his grandson who is also named Val Morgan who is the executive chairman of the company. This information is useful for anyone who is studying Val Morgan’s business in the 21st century because it informs you of who was in charge of the business and how much of the business Val C Morgan owed in 1983 (at the time of the text Val Morgan owned two-thirds of his company).

The text is intended for businessmen and women in 1983, and for any stockholders in the marketing world, plus anyone who was interested in advertising their business 1983. This text is useful in the perceptive of knowing whom Val Morgan’s competitors where in the past. This texts also informs us of how Mr. Val C Morgan likes healthy competition but is also sadden that there weren’t more competitors other then himself and David Koffel group. The texts also bring us up to date with knowing that in March 1983 Val C Morgan held over 60 percent of the total cinema ad market, with his then new competitor David Koffel group with 35 percent.

The text also notifies the readers of how much money in 1983 is allocated to cinema advertising compared to other media (only 2 percent), which Val C Morgan himself said ‘is the most difficulties of the medium because it is small and always will be in term of the market share and the fact that advertising is not the sole means of income in cinema’. This information alone makes it clear to the readers that to be in cinema advertising you have to understand target audiences (who are the frequent moviegoers) and how to sell the correct advertisement space to their clients (young audience must sell airtime to advertiser of youth products).

The text is a well researched and logically article with accurate sources and appropriate themes for the context of the text. It was written with an intelligent and complex tone and was highly relevant in terms of understanding Val Morgan’s business. (Brooke-Marie)

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