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Reference Type The Age newspaper
Title Temple of the stars set to be born again as a church
Author(s)Annette Young
Section News
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 02-07-1986
Citation Date
Page Number 3
Comments The audience of this article is the Melbourne public who are concerned about landmark changes made in Melbourne, as well as those concerned with film and cinema, or with interests in the Christian church. This information can be used today as an insight into the decision-making process made by the industry at the time when the Forum was sold by the Greater Union to the Melbourne Revival Centre. The article can help us understand the extent to which the citizens of Melbourne were aware of the changes, as well as to give us a general insight into how much the media were involved in such matters. It is a straightforward and clear account of the general facts surrounding the matter, as well as providing some brief and informative quotes from the stakeholders involved. The article is a reliable and well-researched piece, and makes notes when figures stated may not be quite accurate. The article is quite evenly written, with no particular biases made; it is simply an informative piece of writing. (Alexandra Aaron)
Synopsis This newspaper article is set during the period in which the Forum Cinema looks certain to be sold by the Greater Union to the Melbourne Revival Centre, a Pentecostal church. The article has elements of sentimentalism and nostalgia in which Mr Tony Rochford, the Greater Union’s Victorian manager at the time, reflects his past experiences with the theatre, and how television contributed to the major changes that ultimately devalued cinema. (Alexandra Aaron)
tags: Forum Theatre Greater Union Melbourne Revival Centre The Age Tony Rochford 
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