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AFI research collection
Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title New Theatre: Special lighting
Author(s)Author Unknown
Section Garden
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 06-04-1939
Citation Date
Page Number 4
Comments By Louise Riddiford.

This newspaper article 'New Theatre: Special lighting' featured in The Argus (located online is a poetic, entertaining piece describing the aesthetics and different luxurious functions of the Liberty Theatre. The article was published just before the opening of the Liberty and would have been an interesting read for any theatre buffs at the time. The detailed descriptions of the Theatre's assets would have drawn in many readers and therefore customers. Despite the romantic nature of the article there are many spelling mistakes making the article less reliable even though it is situated on an academic database. However, it is an original document. As the article is featured in an entertainment guide, as an advertisement, it certainly glorifies the theatre. This style of writing and presentation of information influences the way I want to present my final blog. End comment.

Synopsis This article uses imagery to describe in detail the Liberty Theatre before it officially opened. Assets are described as the 'swinging doors' at the front entrance of the theatre, the 'luminous tubular lighting', the 'rising floor from the centre' and the 'heating that ran through the walls' (The Argus 1939, p.4). This dramatic description enhances the atmosphere of this written piece.
tags: F.L. Walton Liberty Theatre 
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