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Reference Type web
Title Drive-ins Downunder
Chapter/Web article title Metro Twin, later Village Clayton
Volume Unknown
Issue 2011-00-00
Town Clayton
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2011
Citation Date 00-00-2011
Site URL
Page Number Unknown
Comments Unlike other references that had been found on this topic, Kilderry's web page on the Metro Twin breathed a whole new life into the now dead cinema. Kilderry not only gives the minor information on the cinema (such as how many screens it has) he also gives a brief description of what it was like to visit the cinema. The website shows two photos of the venue - and how rare these photos are considering that was the only website so far where photos of the Metro Twin were found. Without Kilderry's web page, the fate of the Metro Twin would have been left unknown. No one else from the current generation would have been able to guess that the Metro Twin is now part of Monash University's car park. The website also gives a rating that helps the reader understand how great this cinema may have been. Unfortunately it must be questioned what type of bias Kilderry has with this cinema. Many could argue that Kilderry has used bias to rate the Metro Twin a high 9, but really who cares? It is great enough that someone actually remembers this cinema and loved it so much. The other great factor about this web page is that because of Kilderry, when someone reads what he wrote about the cinema people actually feel like they are actually there.

It's also good that it is obvious that Kilderry has done a lot of research before submitting his page. Of course the sources should have been referenced. It would have been interesting to find out where he got these photos from.

The best part of the page is when Kilderry writes, 'The first time I visited this location I was amazed not only at the size of the two screens but that they were curved! This concave wrap reflected more light back toward the audience. The snack bar was the size of supermarket! I remember the donut area alone consumed more floor space than many entire drive-in snack bars.' (Kilderry 2011) It gives it such a realistic feeling! The first time I read this I felt like I was there. It shows that a writer does not always have to use theories and lots of sources to get their message across.

There is a great value to his work. Many sites who write about cinemas have also referenced him. For example CAARP has used the information that Kilderry has written about as a blurb on their site. (Caroline Beaney)
Synopsis A web page that gives a wonderful description of what it was like to go to the cinema at the Metro Twin. It also gives information of when the Metro Twin was knocked down and what the area where the Metro Twin stood is being used for now. (Caroline Beaney)
tags: Clayton David Kilderry Drive-ins Downunder Metro Twin Monash University 
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