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Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title Bandit Grabs Cinema Cash
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 14-07-1950
Citation Date
Page Number 1
Comments This article featured in over five different newspapers around Australia, including the Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian and The Argus. The article printed in Melbourne featured on page one, while in the other states it was printed further through the paper. This indicates that the Argus held a form of bias as it was an event that occurred in Melbourne which was of high interest and believed it should feature on the front page with the other stories of high importance.

The Melbourne article mentions the name of the cashier working at the time of the event, compared to other articles which didn't think it necessary. It can be assumed the cashier's name was mentioned because she was a local girl of only 18 years, and revealing an individual's personal details was not as much of an issue in the early 1900's compared to today. News involving young people are within the public's interest, therefore The Argus found it important to mention her name as she was an important factor to the story.

Suburbs of the featured individuals in the article are mentioned in The Argus' article as well. This was often done in the early 1900's due to privacy rarely being an issue because technology was in early development and tracing people via the internet could not be done.

During it's time, the Plaza Theatre Essendon often drew attention because of its constant sold out screenings and special events. An incident regarding theft was not taken lightly, which is proved as the occurrence featured in newspapers nation-wide. This article is important to the Plaza Theatre's history because it shows how special the theatre was to Melbourne, and even though a robbery occurred at the venue, it didn't stop a full house every week.

Synopsis A man escaped the Plaza Theatre Essendon after stealing 42 pounds from the ticket window.
tags: Plaza Essendon  Sydney Morning Herald The Argus The West Australian Theft 
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