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Reference Type web
Title Urban Cinefile
Chapter/Web article title Saville, Matthew - Noise
Author(s)Andrew Urban
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 03-05-2007
Citation Date 18-04-2012
Site URL
Comments This interview, with Australian film ‘Noise’ director Matthew Saville, was taken from website ‘Cinefile’.

The interview reveals an insight into Saville’s mind, and his intentions for the film originally. He divulges into the genre of the film, stating that it was ‘the laconic aussie thriller’, rather than a ‘genre thriller’, which it has been classified as. Saville notes he is not a genre director, and wanted to explore the themes and ideas of ‘Noise’ in a more general sense, rather than being stuck to a single genre and its conventions. He wants ‘Noise’ to pave the way for a new type of thriller, where characters are real people, not stylized heroes, and the setting is suburban and gritty, not urban and trendy. In this genre, characters struggle with their everyday lives and the decisions that come with that, not just drama written for the screen. In such a way, Saville is paving a new way for Australian films that focuses more on character and emotion that stylized drama. Saville also admits that the film is ‘full of metaphors’, including ‘the helicopter shining a beam of light down at the end, the baby signifying rebirth, the old mans face looking down at McGahan signifying god’. The meaning behind the title of the film is also explained, with Saville stating that it related to the loud world we live in, including the constant barrage of technology and the mass media.

The interview reveals an insight to the films themes from its director, and sheds light on the idea of what genre the film belongs to, the Australian identity, and also the metaphors and symbology located in the film. It would be a useful source for a student of film studies, or anyone looking for a greater insight in the film and its themes.

tags: australian film interview matthew saville noise 
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