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Title Linked In
Chapter/Web article title Linked In - Tom Schouten
State Unknown
Country Australia
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Comments As demonstrated in the corporate social network Linked In, Tom Schouten’s professional life is outlined for other corporate contacts. Tom Schouten is the Managing Director of both Plaza Cinema Croydon and Metro Cinema Borinia, which are both small independent cinemas. In this Linked In article they give a very brief over view of Tom’s life. From attending Geelong High, to his degree at Australian Catholic University. In his role at both cinemas range from the daily managing of cinemas, to screening films, programming films and working with distributors. He also is responsible for customer relations and cinema marketing. He states on his page about how his biggest aim is ‘To survive in the cut throat transition from film to digital screening formats.’ Which is also reiterated in the Maroondah Leader Article entitled ‘Old Style Cinema Returns to Croydon.’

This page gives a brief understanding on Schouten and where he has come from and a brief understanding to why he would want to step aside from the way of the major chain cinemas and their digital screens.

As this page is created and maintained by Schouten himself it is the most accurate and up to date depiction of his current professional life and gives a very brief overview of his aims for his two ‘Family’ run cinemas.

Kara Lambert
Synopsis Corporate Social Network, that gives a brief outline of the corporate life and aims for Tom Schouten.

Kara Lambert
tags: Cinema Croydon Croydon Cinema Digital Screens Plaza Cinema Tom Schouten 
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