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AFI research collection
Reference Type newspaper
Title A Capitol Idea
Section 1
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 26-04-1996
Citation Date
Page Number 85
Comments Greg Wanniarachchi: This article was mainly focused on Paul Coulter (Cinema Manager) and his perception of the Melbourne Capitol Theater. End Comment

Synopsis Used In Melbourne Capitol Theater Assignment (Greg Wanniarachchi)

In this news article, Gerard Whateley writes about the re-opening of the Melbourne Capitol Theatre on Thursday 35 April 1996. The Capitol started the mainstream operations for a period of four months after six years of showing Chinese cinema ended.

Paul Coulter (Lumiere Cinemas Manager) was in charge of the new operations at the Capitol. He believes that during the past 10 years, people tastes have changed and now there is a better appreciation for a cinema such as this.

He also admires the work of Walter Burley where he describes the day at the cinema would be to “sit in the deluxe lounge up the back and experience the celling and the picture makes it a significant night out” in the city of Melbourne.

Coulter believes that the capitol can bring back the glory days of the theatre, where single screens and a going to a movie was an occasion about a great night out.

Coulter plans to screen special 70mm movies such as Top gun and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

End Reference (Greg Wanniarachchi)
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