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Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title 'New Theatre at Caulfield.'
Chapter/Web article title The Argus, 28 October 1935, p. 4,
Author(s)The Argus
Town Caulfield
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 28-10-1935
Citation Date 14-12-2011
Site URL
Page Number 4
Comments This interesting little article in the Argus details the opening of the Camden Theatre. It tells us such details as the cost of building the theatre (28,000 Pounds), it’s capacity (1630), and what the opening shows were; ‘Naughty Marrietta’ and ‘Sequoia’. It also verifies the opening date of the Camden as ‘last Friday’ which means from the date on the newspaper (28th of October 1935) we can tell the exact date of the opening as the 25th October 1935.

Also interesting to note is that the opening of the Camden Theatre was done personally by the Mayor; Councillor H. E. Shillabeer in front of 800 people including the workers who built the theatre.

Although the date is not recorded of when building started, this article does tell us that the Camden Theatre was built for this specific purpose and not remodelled from an old cinema or different type of building. (CathS)

From the size of the opening with the Mayor and the high cost of the building in that time we can tell that the Camden Theatre had considerable funding behind it and was expected to become the important part of Caulfield local life that it did. (CathS)

Synopsis The article is situated in the middle of the entertainment section of The Argus which dates back to the 1930’s. The ‘Independent Theatres’ section is also a good source of information for what was showing in the local area and at the Camden for years to come. (CathS)
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