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Reference Type The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper
Title A star is forlorn: ageing theatre queen cries out for a little make-up
Author(s)Carolyn Webb
Section The Sydney Morning Herald
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 09-08-2008
Citation Date
Page Number 1
Comments This article is important to the Athenaeum cinema because it shows the urgency for refurbishment after years of entertainment. Athenaeum President Kevin Quigley states that the theatre urgently needs a $4 million overhaul, as it receives no government funding. This is vital because the public are interested in preserving “the unique ambience of Melbourne's oldest cultural institution for future generations”. This is important because it demonstrates that the Athenaeum and the film industry in general, played a “key role in Melbourne’s artistic life”. Mr Quigley expresses his interest in making the building more attractive to younger audiences, which shows his attempts to understand contemporary social culture, and endeavours to save the iconic venue.
Synopsis Author Carolyn Webb depicts the current state of the Athenaeum theatre, and quotes president Kevin Quigley, who demands to preserve the unique ambience of Melbourne's oldest cultural institution for future generations.
tags: Athenaeum  
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