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Reference Type book
Title The Melbourne Athenaeum: A journal of the history of a Melbourne Institution
Author(s)Melbourne Athenaeum
Editor(s)Stephanie Wade
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2009
Citation Date
Comments The section ‘Athenaeum memories” (p.7-10) is written by Ray Lawler, and he provides his reminiscences of the Athenaeum theatre in the 1930s - representing the broader audience’s views and feelings about theatre in that era. Lawler explains his “appreciation of the classic decorative style” of the theatre, and the “superior quality of the films”, asserting that the social groups of the 1930s felt that the Athenaeum became a “specialised outing”. Furthermore, Lawler feels warmly grateful for the “courtesy and understanding” that the managers provided to him on a regular Saturday night viewing, again demonstrating the respect and admiration that the public had for the Athenaeum in the 1930s, which is an important factor in understanding today’s fixation with cinematic experience.
Synopsis Ray Lawler contributes his memories of the much loved Melbourne Athenaeum, which demonstrates the general public’s affability with and appreciation of the theatre in that era.
tags: Athenaeum  
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