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Reference Type web
Title Melbourne Athenaeum - Timeline
Chapter/Web article title The Melbourne Athenaeum Library
Author(s)Author Unknown
Editor(s)Stephanie Wade
Volume 00
Issue 00
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date 14-12-2011
Site URL
Comments This timeline is significant in the research of the Athenaeum cinema because it demonstrates the progression of the Athenaeum as part of the film industry, including cultural practices of the Melbourne social scene, and the growing popularity of the film industry in that era. An example of this is 1910, where the State Government granted the Athenaeum a licence for the performance of "any interlude, tragedy, opera, comedy, stage play, farce, burletta, melodrama, pantomime, or any stage dancing, tumbling or feats of horsemanship". In 1984, Leila Winchcombe was appointed Secretary; the first woman to be appointed Secretary at the Athenaeum, which epitomises the importance and change in the rise of women in power in that time. Furthermore, the Victorian heritage listing of the Athenaeum demonstrates the importance that theatres and performances played in the minds of the audience, as they wanted it to become a sacred pastime for them to enjoy.
Synopsis The Melbourne Athenaeum timeline provided by the Library’s website contributes insight into important and historical moments that occurred in relation to the inauguration of the theatre.
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