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Reference Type Kino:journal of the Australian theatre historical society journal
Title Melbourne Athenaeum
Author(s)Fred Page
Volume 00
Issue 31
Town Unknown
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1990
Citation Date
Page Number 4-8
Comments Pages 4 – 8 of this Kino journal (31) detail the Melbourne Athenaeum theatre history, which is important to read because it outlines why the Theatre was created: Frank Talbot entered into a long lease with the premise that he would create “one of the prettiest theatres” in the structure of the old Athenaeum hall. This was done in 1872, and the theatre still stands today. In deference to its’ Greek name, the Athenaeum’s feature highlighted urns, sculptures and plaques featuring classical Greek women. Over the years, the Athenaeum name was lived up to: a library was established that is today still very popular; an art gallery which survived until 1971, a small museum, and an auditorium which is used for concerts and council meetings. Page describes the area as a “real cultural centre”, with the theatre becoming the first in Australia to show ‘talkies’ in February 1929. Then, in 1932, the theatre became the first in Australia to show British films, including the production of Hamlet – with the viewing described as the “most pleasant live theatre in Melbourne”.
Synopsis Kino: Journal of the Australian theatre historical society Issue 31 includes several Australian Cinemas, with pages 4-8 covering the Melbourne Athenaeum Theatre and its' inception, architecture, aim and use.
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