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Reference Type book
Title The story of the Kelly Gang
Author(s)Jack Cranston
Town Unknown
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2006
Citation Date
Comments The chapter of this book (pages 104 - 109) details the screening of the film, including the touring of the film in certain cinema locations across Australia such as the Athenaeum Theatre, and its' success. A large audience attended the matinee premiere of the movie, and the evening show was a "box office sell out". The audience seemed to be impressed with the movie, with critics asserting that the "quality of entertainment had not been over-stated", with the "splendour of Victorian scenery beautifully portrayed throughout the film". Advertisements of the film’s screening depict a not to be missed cinematic experience, stirring excitement in the crowd that was met with much wonder and acclaim by the audience.
Synopsis This book looks at the synposis of the film the Kelly Gang, the making of the movie and the screening of the film, including advertisements, newspaper articles, where it was showed and so on. One film critic labelled the production "one of the finest things in the way of cinematograph views that has been placed before the Melbourne public". The story of the Kelly Gang details the world of Ned Kelly and his posse
tags: Athenaeum  
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