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Reference Type web
Title History of the Melbourne Athenaeum
Author(s)Stephanie Wade,Author Unknown
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date 12-12-2011
Site URL
Comments This web page gives insight into the history of the Melbourne Athenaeum; it is useful and interesting because it looks at the architecture of the building and the Athenaeum's mission to provide literary knowledge, as well as its' purpose as an art gallery, reading room, library, theatre and classroom. The web page also provides information in relation to the premiere of the first film, and looks at what the Athenaeum offers and represents today, which is interesting because what the theatre offers is very similar to what was offered when it was initiated, and from this reference provided one can apprehend that the interest in the Athenaeum remains as it was a century ago.
Synopsis The webpage looks at a brief history of the Athenaeum Theatre, including the Theatre's mission to provide arts and entertainment, its' architecture, film premieres and what its' purpose is today.
tags: Athenaeum  
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