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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title Cinema Audiences in Australia Research Project
Author(s)Flinders University
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date
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Comments This website is a mass collection of venues, films and companies. In Venue section, it has 1965 different cinemas or drive-ins. It also provides the details of venues’ names, addresses and postcode. It has the similar functions that Drive-ins Downunder has, such as the background of the venue, owners and histories, capability, related links. However, it has much more functions than Drive-ins Downunder. Carp Flinders has a search function at its home page that people can search by keyword, or film tile, company name or venue name. The second function is its film page that has 7422 films start in year 1928.

Back to Toorak Drive-in venue webpage, it is very detail to show that during different period that the capacity of Drive-in is different. The capacity decreased from 680 to 634 in 13 years after its operation. It also shows the essential events and role for Toorak Drive-in. The venue’s content comments are as same as Toorak Drive-in in Drive-ins Downunder. When the drive-in closed, an elderly resident who lived across the road was asked for her comment "if only it had run matinee's, it might still be in business"!" (Kilderry 1999) It referenced Drive-ins Downunder.

Overall, this website is not only useful for my own research venue, but also is a great value for research of other venues, films and companies.

tags: cinemas/ theaters collection company collections Drive-ins Downunder films collections Hoyts Toorak Drive-in East Hawthorn Village 
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