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AFI research collection
Reference Type book
Title Picture Palaces of Melbourne
Chapter/Web article title 70 mm Picture Houses, p. 231
Author(s)Trevor Walters
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2003
Citation Date
Comments Trevor Walters briefly mentioned East End cinema in a chapter titled The 70mm picture houses in his book, The Picture Palaces of Melbourne.

Walters gave a brief history about East End 1 Cinema, starting with its opening as the My Fair Lady Theatre in 1964 (where it hosted the gala premiere of My Fair Lady), its renaming into The Palladium in 1966, and finally East End 1.

As East End 1, the theatre was operated under Village Roadshow and screened films in 70mm and Sensurround audio format. Walters also mentioned several famous films that were screened in East End 1 (including one of the first R-rated films, Klute).

I was rather disappointed by the lack of information this book provides on East End cinema. Of the entire book, East End is mentioned only in this one chapter, and without any mentioning of the other two East End cinemas.

Despite its briefness, the information is pretty illuminating and interesting. The information directly highlights the interesting things about East End cinema such as its 70mm technology and its use of Sensurround sound systems.

(Adhiwijananda I Gusti Ngurah)

tags: 70mm East End 1-3 My Fair Lady Sensurround Trevor Walters Village Roadshow 
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